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Frequently Asked Questions

The Answers You Need

Do you sell gift cards?

All of our clothing and undergarments are free, we only ask you pay for shipping!

What is your return policy?

If you don't like something you can simply bring it back or give it to someone else who can use it!

What are the payment options?

Everything is free but shipping!

How do I get a binder, tucking underwear, or clothing?

Our binder application process is currently closed, but we will have it back open with a new site soon! For now we have a limited number of binders available at our Fayetteville, AR for pickup only. We ask you only order a binder if you cannot afford one on your own. Please contact us with your local address to get a code for free shipping.

Thanks to a grant from the Arkansas Community Foundation, our binders, tucking underwear, packers, packing underwear, and clothing are all free for Arkansas residents. Please contact Amare through the contact page or chat to learn how to schedule your visit or to get a code for free shipping. 

For non-Arkansas residents, please go to to keep up with The Big Binder Project announcements. The Big Binder project is powered by The Transition Closet, Valid By Brodie, and Gc2B! To get tucking underwear, packers, packing underwear, or clothing please contact us to see about availability and sponsorships. Stay tuned to VALID BY BRODIE  and our TikTok accounts Amare Roush (@the_transition_closet) TikTok  and TransMentor (@validbybrodie) TikTok for more information about the Big Binder Project!

How do I start my own Transition Closet?

See our How to Help page to learn how to start your own closet! Feel free to contact Amare at 479-445-0826 to learn more about starting yours today!

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