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Binder FAQ

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How do I wash my binder?

To wash your binder either hand wash or machine wash on delicate and let air dry. To tighten your binder, machine dry on low heat for 15-17 minutes.

How long can I wear my binder?

Only wear your binder for 8-10 hours a day and take off at least two days a week.

Can I sleep in my binder?

No, not even for a nap! Your body needs to fully rest when you are asleep.

Can I swim in a binder?

Yes, but you'll need one a size up. Do not try to put on your binder when wet either!

Can I wear a binder if I have health problems?

If you have any health problems, talk to your doctor first before wearing a binder.

What if my binder hurts?

You may have ordered a binder too small. Immediately stop wearing the binder that is hurting you and reach out to us for a larger size. If a larger size still hurts, stop use, and talk to your doctor. We also suggest trans tape or kinesiology tape for those who can't wear a binder.

How do I put on my binder?

Don't force your binder. If it is too hard to get your binder on and off, it is probably too small. Contact us immediately if you need a larger size binder. For a video on how to put on your binder go to:


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